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September Newsletter

Welcome to September!

The KARE newsletter is a monthly update, of what the girls have been incorporating into walks, upcoming events, & other useful information.


Staff birthdays

Happy birthday to Lara on the 12th of September!


Kare turned 5 years old

We turned 5 last month! Such a huge achievement for a company that started out so small.

We are very proud of our KARETEAM & extremely thankful for our KAREFAM who makes it all possible.

Thank you to all the friends, family & clients who came & celebrated. We spent the night eating, drinking & dancing.


International dog walker Day 8.9.2023

We are all so blessed to be working in this industry with our four-legged friends, taking them on the best adventures or giving basic training on our walks.

Millie has something planned for the girls, so we will share the surprise next month!


This month's topic!

Warming up

Coming into the warmer months, we encourage all our clients to keep their flea & tick prevention up to date. Ticks can be life-threatening if not found & removed correctly.

At the end of our walks, the girls are asked to check over the dogs for any ticks, but as we know they are also great hiders!

On the warmer days, we may be more inclined to take the pups for a swim if local, we go to dog-friendly areas to let the pups cool down after a walk. Arriving home we have a rinse under the hose & towel dried.

Swimming is a great exercise for dogs and includes other benefits such as natural stress relief, and pain relief, especially for older dogs, Swimming takes the weight off.

Did you know?

You are able to request an hour walk by the girls if you want them to travel a little further to take your pup swimming! BOOK VIA TIME TO PET


Thanks for reading our September edition of Kare's Newsletter! Stay tuned for upcoming months.

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