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October Newsletter

Welcome to our October Newsletter!

The KARE newsletter is a monthly update, of what the girls have been incorporating into walks, upcoming events, & other useful information.


Happy Birthday, Millie!

In October we celebrated our fabulous boss's birthday! Happiest birthdays to Millie. Of course, she worked on her birthday, she was at the wedding of the Saifiti's, with Theo and Koba!


Goodbye Chloe

This month in November Chloe will celebrate her birthday! We will also say a huge goodbye to Chloe as she ventures onto an apprenticeship in Architecture.

We wish her all the very best in completing her studies and enjoying working in the field she has been studying for so long now!


International dog walker day

During our last newsletter, we mentioned it was International Dog Walker Day! Millie surprised us with some healthy treats & a night at Core Collective.

We did an afternoon staff meeting where Millie filled us with yummy fruit cups and healthy snacks, then ventured over to Core to enjoy a reformed Pilates class, learning important exercises to maintain the best dog walking posture!

We all had the best night, lots of laughs & sore core the following day, check out this funny reel we made here.


Staff goals

Recently we have been setting goals within our team. It may be something to do within your walking session, or trying a new activity on the weekend.

We have taken silly photos of the pups with a dress on, reading a new book, or ensuring we send a selfie with every client on a Thursday.

We encourage the girls to suggest new goals, take turns & would be open to some suggestions from our clients!


Thanks for reading our October edition of Kare's Newsletter! Stay tuned for upcoming months.


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