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August Newsletter

Welcome to our first month of Kare's Newsletter this will be a monthly update, of what the girls have been incorporating into walks, upcoming events, & other helpful information.

Staff birthdays:

Happy birthday Sara & Safiya!

Sara -8th

Safiya - 31st

Dog’s birthdays:

Zeca (Golden Retriever) turning 7

Digga (kelpie x ridgeback) turning 4

Rocky (staffy) turning 2

If you have an upcoming pet's birthday & would like to spoil them, don’t forget our talented Alex makes custom pet-friendly birthday cakes.


Upcoming events:

KARE’s 5th Disco Disco - have you RSVP’d to our birthday?

We want to celebrate with our clients & loved ones.


What have the KARE girls been up to?

We all got to hang out together for a few hours last weekend.

The girls enjoyed some putt-putt in the sun before heading to The Greenroof for some lunch. It’s not often we all get to be together, so it was the perfect staff catch-up!

We can’t wait to catch up with all our clients on the 28th of August at The Maryville Tavern to celebrate 5 years of KARE.


Training tips with Safiya

Our senior staff Safiya has been encouraging some training in her daily walks with her regular clients. Her main focus has been ‘place’. This is a simple yet effective training step to give your dog boundaries & a ‘place’ to relax, switch off & have downtime. This can be a bed or towel in any environment. Safiya started to use this to help some reactive clients to observe the world as it passed by & work on impulse control. This can be used at home in environments such as - when you’re cooking in the kitchen, guests arriving, new baby.

Each month we would like to highlight one staff member so you can get to know them a bit more.

More about Safiya!

Safiya - has been with KARE for 2 years she started with us in March 2021.

Saf has recently had to drop back her regular walks to complete her studies for Naturopathy. A little fun fact about Saf is she has travelled to 41 Countries.

Her favourite moment with KARE is when Indy found an apple & brought it to her doing happy feet requesting it to be thrown.


Thanks for reading our first edition of Kare's Newsletter! Stay tuned for upcoming months.


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