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Pet Sitting

Meet & Greet

25 Minute Service - Small Fee

Our KARE team knows how treasured your pets are to you. This is why we offer this one-off service!

To ensure we know everything there is to know about your dog, cat or even rabbit that we will be taking care of. The Meet & Greet allows us to bond and interact with your pet as well as know their environment and routine which is very important for an upcoming House & Pet sitting booking.


Meet & Greets are not required for dog walks or drop-in care if you run a busy schedule and would rather chat via phone call. Meet & Greets are a one time offer so if you are to book again and wish to arrange another, a small fee will be added.

House & Pet Sitting 

From $88 per night


This is our premium service where KARE will maintain a similar routine in the comfort of your own home. This will reduce the stress on both yourself and your pet whilst you're away on holidays. They will never have to spend a night in a cold, lonely kennel again.


At KARE, we know that every dog has varying requirements for enrichment, training and exercise. Enrichment games and toys are are brought along with our staff members but we offer the addition add on of dog walking which starts at a small fee of $25 for a 45min walk.


KARE are known for their superb photography skills which means you will receive regular photo, video and message updates during your pet’s furthering your peace-of-mind whilst you're sipping on that holiday cocktail.

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