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Dog Walking

Dog Walks

From $38.50 / 45 Mins


We understand the life can become busy and walking your dog can turn into a chore. 

The KARE team provides engaging and fun one-on-one leash walks to allow your dog to gain more exposure and burn some energy whilst also engaging in basic on-leash training.

We are created some pretty amazing friendships within our Kare community so please let us know if your dog will be suited to join our on-leash group walks!  

Off-Leash Group Walks

From $38.50 / 45 Mins


Our 45min fun-filled off-leash group walks are offered to well mannered and socialised dogs of any age and breed. 

 These off-leash group walks encourage your dog to gain confidence in different locations and build strong friendships within our KARE team.

We venture out weekly to dog parks, Redhead Beach and Croudace Bay.

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